fongpagong (fongpagong) wrote,


...Singapore. Or actually, the people in it. So there! I haven't had to eat any words yet, eh? ;)

I miss my cell group badly. The one I'm proud to have spent the 4 years in Singapore with (with 1 year where I went all MIA and regret it deeply). To the crazy games we play. And the sharing. The love. The food. The freezing cold A/C. The blue walls and the oversized pillows that are in desperate need of some serious washing. The frenzied cutting and pasting and writing and distributing and smiling and praying.

I miss five crazy girls whom I spent one of the best years of my life with, living beside them and allowing each other to be privy to each other's psychoses. To the late night random whinings, 8:30 a.m. wake up calls, midafternoon dancing and random tableaux. The Milo Pings and suppers. The buzzer beating running shoes and the cheering squad.

I miss this one special girl, one I wouldn't meet if it weren't for someone I don't keep in touch with any more. God has a funny way of making things fall into place, yes? Giggling and planning. Dreaming. Stress relieving. Music tripping. Heartaches and everything else in between. Picking on the boy and being picked on by him, and having her look on and laugh at our inanity.

I miss another special girl who can put my corniness to shame, who is kind not only because she lets me ramble on and on and on but she is actually more caring than she cares to admit. Crazy late night MRT ride to the middle of nowhere, helping me chase an equally crazy dream. "Short" conversations that unknowingly extend to hours. Our friendship was founded on the crazy things the Econ department put us through but grew deeper over time and extended far beyond that. And I'm glad I did.

It's not so much the place, I've come to realize. Home is always where the people you love are.
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